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The Art of Seduction

True love finds the heart by the tongue - the art of seduction leads directly into our kitchen. The ELIZA culinarium at Elizabeth Arthotel serves extraordinary creations with a heartfelt personal touch. Seduction by Thomas Zechner: A fresh 30 years young, the ambitious gourmet serves traditional specialties and exciting contemporary arrangements. Skilfully trained by the star chefs of Germany and Austria: Saucier, Entremetier, Gardemanger, Patissier and Poissonnier. From the creative cuisine of ELIZA he now serves Art Nouveau for the tasteful senses. In a nutshell: Fine arts, even in the kitchen.

Christmas and New Year's eve at the Elizabeth

Eliza Restaurant


Fimbabahnweg 4 | 6561 Ischgl / Tirol Österreich