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Hydrosoft infrared plus beauty steam 

Enjoy the pleasant effect of soft infrared heat and vitalising vapour two by two. To relax we are looking for warmth, but not dry heat that stresses us and drains energy.

We are attracted by the sea that unites warmth and humidity to the most relaxing climate. The Hydrosoft® Wellness-Sauna delivers the perfect combination of pleasant infrared-warmth and vitalising vapour on a natural basis. 

Soft infrared-warmth loosens muscle, relieves back pain and prevents tensions.The Hydrosoft® Wellness-Sauna offers much more than a conventional infrared-sauna. The stimulating vapour vitalises eyes and airwaves, cleans and smoothens the skin.


Fimbabahnweg 4 | 6561 Ischgl / Tirol Österreich