Flair, fireplace
and good drinks

All roads lead to the Lounge & Bar at the Elizabeth. Lucky you!

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All roads lead to the Lounge & Bar at the Elizabeth. Lucky you! The lounge & bar at the Elizabeth exudes a dignified flair that could not be more cosy. Feel good ambience. With a tea or cocktail by the crackling fire, time stands still.

Opening hours daily from 8:00 am to 11:30 pm

During the day, it’s a relaxed fireside lounge. In the evening, it’s a meeting place to warm up for dinner or get ready for Ischgl’s nightlife in style.

Take a seat: Our spacious living room on the first floor welcomes you with elegant bar culture, cosy lounge furniture and the open fireplace as its heart. It’s the ideal place to become engrossed in a book, a conversation or just the moment.

Lounge & bar furnishings

  • Delicious variety of drinks & small dishes
  • Large open fireplace with a warming "campfire” ambience
  • Elegant lounge furniture and seating - communicative & private
  • Library & board games
  • Smoking lounge
  • View of the ski slope
  • The Eliza Restaurant is just a few steps away

A special place for special people

Featuring fine spirits, trendy cocktails or exclusive vintages. Our Bar Chef Dominique gladly fulfills every wish with charm and a wry smile. Fancy a pleasant conversation? Then chat with the hosts about art and the world, or get to know the other guests. Enjoy an engaging holiday at the Elizabeth!