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Matthias Göhr

is a brilliant philosopher, because he knows how to express in his work that everything is in everything and everything is connected. That living beings appear and disappear in life. That despite all the losses, it is good to have had them. And that it is good to still have them or to get to know them.

Like an oriental storyteller, the artist knows how to transport us into a magical, enchanted world with his pictures. People, animals and happiness are at the center of Matthias Göhr's work, whereby one cannot be separated from the other. With his paintings, he creates his own little world full of enchanting figures that touch the soul. Always mysterious and enigmatic, Göhr's pictures always reveal something new.

Göhr was born in Landau in der Pfalz and has been working as a freelance artist since 1992. Since then, he has inspired numerous solo and group exhibitions in Germany and abroad with his fairytale-like pictures, most of which make you forget the world.

Matthias Göhr:

„You only paint well with your heart“