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Mrs. & Mr. Marnali

Mrs. & Mr. Marnali role model and idol is Jasper Johns and Andy Warhol as pioneers of Pop Art.

Mrs. And Mr. Marnali love art and luxury – or luxury art? No matter how you look at it. Both have been uniquely combined in their paintings and sculptures. They are the newcomers of the international art scene, who are already celebrated like no other German artist couple.

Mrs. And Mr. Marnali fascinate with their unique art collages that show faces from all over the world like Madonna, Lady Gaga, Brigitte Bardot, Karl Lagerfeld and many more celebrities.

Artist Statement

Mr. Marnali knows many of the stars personally and has photographed them himself. The works tell stories with integrated quotes and let the viewer discover something new again and again.

Each of the pictures is a unique piece that, with colours, lacquers and intensity in the application, finds its individual perfection. Touching allowed!  They do not just make extraordinary fine art – they also make it “tangible”. Gold, silver and lots of glitter with real Swarovski crystals make every piece of art a haptic experience.

An artwork of the MARNALI’S is an experience of lasting, for all senses!